Saturday 26 January 2008

Nice Things

Ireland being just a bit too cliché.

Paws. In the Guinness book of records for being "the world's loveliest thing"

This post is for the benefit of somebody who needs a bit of cheering up.
Summer's coming.


Iclafa! said...

So sweet :)

I see that I really have to go back to ireland sometime soon. Maybe buy myself a small summer cottage so I can return and return and never stop returning there.

Paws is an amazing creature. Always that look on his face says he's in dire need of a cuddle.. Probably food also.

I set a thank on it's way in your general direction in hope for you to get it. It's shaped like a fist

Anonymous said...

woow, i really like that serie with the laundry! very nice with the clouds on each side and the colors. The composition. i like it!

and also your pictures of your home! i really liked those too!

thank you for interesting pictures!