Sunday 5 April 2009


It feels strange to find myself making a kind of defence for industrialism. In fact, I'm not really making a general defence of heavy industry, one look at China and India would blow any argument away but I'm concerned with this place.
Dundalk is turning into a hole of pretence and I'm sure in my lifetime, this quay will be shut down. The slack heaps, the silos and the cranes will be replaced by huge, unspeakably boring apartments that will lie empty just like every other new building and the town will deny it's industrial past.
I post this on the same weekend I found out that the forest near my house where I did my teenaging has been completely removed and is now a barren plot of land. The good news is, it seems it will be a park/recreation space. I hope that's true.

..If anybody tears down the windmill, I think I'll kill them :)
I should take some photos of that soon, actually.

Saturday 4 April 2009