Thursday 28 February 2008

A collaboration

For some reason, my parents think they have no talent and seem to mention it if they see me painting.
... but look at this photo:
I did that gorilla painting as their Christmas card, randomly choosing green when there isn't really a room that suits that colour, but it ended up in the sitting room with cream and brown, then mam put these flowers beside it.
There couldn't be a better combination of colours to have beside it.
So this is a bit of a collaboration.. I did a painting, mam put the flowers beside it and I took this photo.. :)

Tuesday 19 February 2008

The third weekend of February

Last weekend was spent with my brother's puppy, Rupert. My brother's in hospital for fairly baffling reasons but coming home tomorrow.
I took him (the dog) for a walk on Saturday. It was the first time I ever walked him and the first time he decided it'd be fun to get up to his belly caked in mud. He's the nosiest dog ever.. he has to know what's going on. I stopped to take a photo of a tiny little flower that had just breached the surface after several months underground ..and he came boundin' over to see what I was up to.. he stood on the camera, licked my face, then stood on the poor wee flower.
RIP poor wee flower.
Now, here's the walking natural disaster that is Rupert...