Tuesday 19 February 2008

The third weekend of February

Last weekend was spent with my brother's puppy, Rupert. My brother's in hospital for fairly baffling reasons but coming home tomorrow.
I took him (the dog) for a walk on Saturday. It was the first time I ever walked him and the first time he decided it'd be fun to get up to his belly caked in mud. He's the nosiest dog ever.. he has to know what's going on. I stopped to take a photo of a tiny little flower that had just breached the surface after several months underground ..and he came boundin' over to see what I was up to.. he stood on the camera, licked my face, then stood on the poor wee flower.
RIP poor wee flower.
Now, here's the walking natural disaster that is Rupert...


Christy DeKoning said...

These are gorgeous shots of your dog - I love the way the natural light is falling from the top left...beautiful.

Christy DeKoning said...

okay I confess I looked at the photos, admired them, left my comment, THEN read your blog.

So it should read:

these are gorgeous shots of Rupert...or, your brother's dog.

Am I a little trigger happy sometimes?

Ciaran said...

haha, thanks Christy. He was my dog when I took the photos :D

Iclafa! said...

Give me him!
Or someone just like him!
Or anything at all that is a dog and that is not dead!
He's ad-awwwww-able, obviously.

You should hospitalize your brother more often. Not so he gets hurt or anything dangerous or anything ... just a swift stab in the eye with a fork or arsenic(las) in his food. you know, friendly jests