Saturday 19 January 2008

It snowed in January

It almost kind of snowed at Christmas. Enough to give things a slight covering anyway. It was enough to make me go out and listen to the sound of walking through frosted grass and pick up leaves that felt like glass and watch them fall apart from the warmth of my hand. As is the way with Ireland, despite the snow's efforts to exist, in what's been a frustratingly and depressingly mild winter, the rain came and washed it all away. I'm glad I have these photos, I don't see much snow.The last picture is unusual. It's a close-up of an autumnal table centerpiece from my cousin's wedding which was taken home and left outside. I like how the photo has no composition or, at least, if it does, it's a completely aimless, erratic one. I usually obsess so much about composition that I wouldn't like it.... but I do.


Marcela Paz said...

your photos are not ordinary

Ciaran said...

Thank you.