Monday 15 September 2008

Hello again

I'm really happy to be back posting on this, my favourite of my blogs. My silent, unvisited little pleasance :)
My broken camera has been replaced by a bigger, better, more attractive device.
Now, some photos. Reminders (to myself and anybody who cares to look) that if you happen to look up on any ordinary day, there's a good chance you'll see something spectacular, beautiful and immense. It's also a reminder to be grateful for having eyes that work, not only for practical reasons but for aesthetic reasons.


EAMONN said...

It's great to see more photos from you.
The train station one is beautiful. They all are in their own right.

primrosefrown said...

I agree-gree. I like the lines at the trainstation! Light. The one with the bird on a stick was also really nice, like youre new blue sky ones.