Sunday 2 December 2007


Photos from around Dublin taken during summer holidays or days when I went wandering to get away from College.


Iclafa! said...

Are them those there your shoes, pants and shirt? Crapshite, that was a surprise! Now you're almost a real human to me!
Lucky the clothes were blue though, so you can remain a blue laughy cuddly bear for a while longer..

I remember those liffy-carts! We saw them on our way to the [Mjozzem'o'modrn'ARRRD] men and the Suselibus... I need to return there..

Thanks for showing me this also!

Iclafa! said...

I see now that I made a fool of myself!
Oh no!
I made one reply to two separate updates!
Now I will live in shame forever

Ciaran said...

How embarrassing for you...

you big pile of embarrassment.
Those (that) is (was), indeed, my my clothes and that's m'daddy in red.

This particular Liffey gondola was actually lying in a decrepid abandoned public swimming pool. Delicious.

You should return there but first i must return for the first time to a place near you. A lake or mountain or some such..

Iclafa! said...

I'm planning on taking a week or a couple of days or so off sometime in a few months or so to go visit my grandparents and my brother - you know, the ones living on a mountain, in a by the forest, with a view over the lake..
You should come!